Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's start this on a high note!

Ok.  This is my first step into the wild world of blogging.  So I'll start this out with my latest news of getting a little of my work into the Dick Figures music video.  I love the series and I'm really happy to know that I have a little part in the DF history books. 

Here's the whole video:

And here's my clip:

I've been getting a lot of awesome compliments from both the viewers and from the creators themselves.  I really didn't think my clip would get a reaction like this.  Whew! 

I did my clip with "Plastic Animation Paper" a free 2D software that I am absolutely in love with.  There are elements that REALLY need work, but the drawing tools are the best I've used for a stand-alone 2D animation software.  Ask anyone, I am a walking billboard for PAP.