Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hey Howdy Helloo!!!!
    I randomly came across your hamster game for the iphone and i love it!!
    As soon as i saw the animation for the game, i had to investigate more!!
    I hunted your name down and luckily came across your website!!
    Im a huge fan!!
    Really love your work!!
    Your character designs and 2D animation are wonderful. So fluid, with so much great attention to detail and really fun.
    Your storyboards are great too. Really love the sequence with the cats at the start of your story demo reel. The compositing really helps make the the sequence come together. I love the lighting effects and the sfx.
    I'm gunna make a link to your blog under my "inspiring artists link" on my blog, so i make sure to come back soon!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Keep up the wonderful work!
    Best wishes,